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Help With Digital camera USB power Answered

Hey peoples. I have a huge hang up on this and am wondering if someone can help me beofre I loose my mind. Ok here goes and if I explain something crazy please let me know. Ok I have a digitasl camera SVP that is great takes videos and pics reaslly good I love it. Ok so after trying to fiddle with different power sources I broke the parts inside where the battery goes, so no biggie I cna power it up via USB. fine give me a 1000 foot extension cord and Im off :) Ok so I have done this perfectly. I have a cigg lighter adapter that had USB, so I stick it in the lighter and it powers upo my camera just fine, I can also power it up via USB on computer. Ok so I ordered this thing from ebay that takes 4 AAA batteries and make a USB port. Ok camera does not power up, it said it was a 5v thing. Ok so then I got the black and decker power to go that also has a usb port, well that does not power it up either and i have no idea wy, this thing actually has a regular outlet so I imagine that it would put out great power, it even says can be used fo cameras. OK so does anyone have an idea of what I could make myself?? I even tried a 6 volt adapter wired to a USB plug and that wont even power it up. I am so much a loss, and I build computers and stuff but just cant figure this one out.. any help wotu be great..ok guys im outta here