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Help With LED Matrix Answered

Hey everyone, 

I've been making LED displays for various projects now and I understand it quite well (thanks to some of the great instructables on this site) though I've only ever made a square or rectangular matrix for my projects and need to make a circular one and am completely lost. How would I go about making and wiring such a thing? Is programming odd shapes different? 



5 years ago

I suppose you want to make a circular disk and being able to turn on single LEDs?
With a rectangular matrix you have ROWS and COLUMNS.
With a round Matrix you have RINGS and SECTORS.

Lets suppose your round matrix consists of 5 circles of led with 10 leds each.
The Anodes of one circle are common and the Cathodes of every sector (10. Every "led-spike" is one) are common.
So you select the ring with the anode and the led in this very ring with the cathode.

I hope i understand what you want to do, because it is (as oldmicah already posted) not very clear...


5 years ago

By circular, are you talking about putting LEDs like the curved surface of a cylinder? Wouldn't that be the same as taking a plane of LEDs and bending it?

Or is there some issue with how the LEDs are addressed? (Sorry I'm not getting it)