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Help With New Project Ideas Answered

Hi there!
I am really wanting to make something over the summer or in general over the year however I am having trouble figuring something out something that would be pretty cool and helps with learning about the subject. I already have 2 projects going at the moment, I am learning python and creating a game with it. I need another project that could take be from 2 months to a year. It also needs to be complex, I really like a challenge :). Lastly it needs to be relatively cheap, cost could be up to $200. 

Thanks and have a great day :) 


That's what this site is all about. Start searching the instructables and see what is out there. Find several you like and see what you can do to combine them into something better.

try pepakura Halo armor, or iron man armor. can be done cheaply but can take a very long time, plus it would teach you how to use fiberglass, bondo and painting techniques, and depending on how crazy you want to get, you could learn the LED sound board sensor stuff too. I am planning on making my kids Ironman and Halo, but since its for the kids i am just going to use cardboard. i will make mine eventually for myself. check this you tube channel out.


Well,you could make a complex claw box(the one in which their are gifts and u pick them up with mechanical claws).u could have endless fun with it and it is in your budget