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Help building Motorcycle Gyro Cam Answered

This is what a gyro cam on a motorcycle looks like, great hey!, but they are currently too expensive for mere mortals to buy.

Ive been asking for help from my local RC club and a close friend who is a plane engineer & flies RC helicopters, all say this cant be done so im coming here for help cos I know Instructables members know how to do it.

My Skills - No electronics or RC experience, but I do make lots of engineering parts on my garage mill and lots of stuff from carbonfibre.

My Plan - Was to buy a RC helicopter gyro, servo's, gears & linkage etc and build a platform that could rotate a small bullet cam to be level with the horizon.  But my RC club says it cant be done, so now I dont know what to try.

Can anybody help suggest what bare components I need to start experimenting?


Hi! Can you guys recommend any gimbal that actually works as a gyro-mount for bikes? I have tried the DJI, the GS1, the cheap Feiyu but nothing actually worked. I don't want to try home-made solutions. Have you guys heard of this www.facebook.com/darewarelabs ? Or any other product that work? Please let me know.


6 years ago

It seems that the pro gyro's actually use traditional spinning wheels inside. That makes me wonder if I would be better off buying some high speed motors and making wheels. Wish I could see inside them as testing will be a head banging experiance im sure.


I recall somewhere I saw a camera stabilized unit made from a couple of hard drives spinning on each axis. Search should be easy for it if it might help.


6 years ago

Latest News: I bought a Gyro/Servo from Dunehaven systems and its an amazing piece of equipment for the $80, able to correct and angular movement on one axis. The only problem with it is that if the gyro gets banked over for more than 1 second it tries to recentre itself, loosing its leveling capability. As racing bikes are often banked over for 5 seconds or more, this is a big problem.

Im now moving onto the arduino system to see if that will work.

PS the pro systems cost $3,500 and you need 3 of them to cover all axis, no wonder they are not keep on the little guy getting hold of this tech.


6 years ago

ALMOST FINISHED - Ive got one more project ive got to put time and money into then its Gyro Cam time, im in the UK so it winter now too. But come spring time I will have a super duper Gyro Cam that is looking from further back, so it can see the bike floping into conrers, the biker doing the controls and the scenery. It all works, ive got all the parts tested, just need to wait for 2012 spring :)

Yeah the GS1 does return to centre but Nothing is perfect.

Thanks for your help

Hey guys.

Finally I complete Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount.
Now I posted on my Youtube just prototype version.
but sooner I will posted on my youtube complete one.
anyway It works with arduino gyro sensor board with programmed.
So It works fine. never return to center.

Now I made it 2 version
1 this is for GoPro camera. cause many peoples used this camera.
2 this is for other camera ( contour, xd170, usual camera )

So anyone wants to see then come to my youtube.
and contact me my email is aquinasv@gmail.com



Hi. I made MickeyMouse Gyro Cam Mount lastweek on my youtube.


ninjawasaki, that's why you asked me before right?
anyways. I made it with

GYRO-Servo (GS-1)
Camera Mount ( www servocity.com)
battery pack ( from ebay )
Aluminum piece for stay ( just i got it )

Anyways $75 + $30 + $5 + $5 ( around I don't remember exactly)
Around it was the amount that I bought. ( including shipping charge )
But It need time to wait those stuff delivered to you.

If you wanna get this one even if look ugly. but it works..
already assembled. I don't need extra. wasting money.
Anyways let me know
I have one more extra. I will post on youtube better version.
And I will post the detail....

Could you contact me. I am looking for a gyro like the one you have on youtube. I ride a 675daytona and use a contour and gopro but need that GYRO>>>>>> contact me please jtryzbiak@hotmail.com

Hi there... Could you let me know how you made it? Or how much you want on the spare unit you have? Contact me: rubenskc@yahoo.com.br

Hi aquinasv - That system you built is brilliant! and its a very good idea for you to sell them, that system you have would work perfect for most full size video/still cameras. Im hoping to make one that is very small and fits into a long thin tube to hold a bullet camera. Thanks for posting man :)


6 years ago

Ive bought a Gyro/Servo from http://www.dunehaven.com/gs1.htm thanks to aquinasv's post. That gyro should be powerful enough to tilt a bullet camera without much trouble. Ill post up how I get on in a few weeks when it arrives :)

Yeah. try it..
It works pretty much good.
but it has one problem. GS-1 is not perfect gyro servo.
Cause GS-1 keep returnning back to center .
So When you see my video. you will understand.
but anyways it works with cheap price.
isn't it?
I hope you make it and wanna see it in here.

good luck.

Hah...I saw that same zx10r video a couple weeks ago and have been researching gyroscopic camera mounts as well. So far the best one I've seen that's compact enough for a bike I think was a guy's personal project? YouTube search MickeyMouse Gyroscopic and you will see his unit and he has some test vids while on his R1.

Here we go http://www.stromtrooper.com/photography-videos/68010-gyro-stabilized-camera-mount.html

^Thats perfect. I knew it could be done with basic RC parts. Grandman should put that into production and sell it. Until then I need to search for those parts.
Nice find!/post

Looks like a combo gyro/servo about $200. I did not know they had these which are used to control the rotors on an R/C helicopter.  You just need to machine the camera mount to attach to the servo, mount assembly to your bike, add batteries, calibrate the gps sensor unit and ride.

An RC company tells me the gyro and servo are separate items but it looks like they should do the job.

I did know about RC gyro's for the past few years but what I find amazing is, ive been talking RC stores and my local RC plane/helicopter club and they All told me it couldnt be done!. Even one of my close mates, who is sending me a gyro & servo as we speak, thought it couldnt be done. I get 'it cant be done' all the fooking time man, thats what eventually made me search further and brought me here.

If you look up the spec sheet for one of those gyro/servo, the servo is specially matched to the gyro unit because it puts out some other kind of control signal - so buy a paired set.

I bet the R/C guys you talk to are ones that can only fly stuff straight out of the box. The ones I know, my brother flies r/c jets, are able to kitbash anything and know how to improvise and find a solution to any problems.


6 years ago

^^ Both the above ideas sound great, if I could get away from programming electronics id be well happy LOL But on superbike, the cornering G-force keeps everything level with the bike, including all of its fluids, surely this would happen to any weight used to level the camera.

Im working with a steadicam principle to run a rear camera on a boom off the back of the bike so it would record the rider too.


If the cornering g-forces affect it so much you might want to try an arduino with an accelerometer/tilt sensor chip. The arduino can drive a servo to correct for the tilt.
I'm not sure how good the response time is from detecting tilt to making the servo smoothly correct for movement. Anyway, $40 for an arduino uno, $30 for the accelerometer board and $20 for a servo just to get you started.

Now that sounds like what I had in mind, but I'm now worried that the bikes cornering g- force mgiht effect the sensor, racing super bikes always use gps tilt sensors for telemetry data.
My iPhone has a motorbike angle app, I'll see how well that works before investing in accelerometer/tilt sensor.

I've found a guy on google who made a gyro cam for the bottom of a rc plane from rc helicopter gyro's, no programming needed.

go on sparkfun.com to see the accelerometer purchase guide. You can then find a suitable one to use with how many g's you encounter. There is also a separate GPS module $80 but I'm not sure if that is a rapid tilt senor. Good luck.

Cheers caitlinsdad, wish you lived close to me for a bit of hands on help :)


how about having connected springs on either side of the leveling weight? The more you corner, it should resist or push it more to keep it plumb. Of course, you would have to find the right amount of springiness needed.

how about some S or Z-shaped cams or pieces that pivot on the center. The bottom of the piece is a small tube that holds a heavy ball bearing along the horizontal. As it swings and g-force is applied one way, it would push the object on top the opposite way as it bears down on the upright. It would be free to swing the other way and roll along the bottom when it is thrown the other way. Mount an opposing set to account for swing in both directions.

exactly, When I was living in montreal I found this awesome Coffee cup holder for your car, and it was just that. No matter what angle you moved the holder it was always level. Wish I still had that device... Anyway, it was quite light and most of the weight came from the mechanism designed to attach to the car, not the levelling device itself

You might be able to do it with just the camera shockmounted in a gimbal type cage that is weighted downward to keep it vertical. I don't think you need to do anything with active electronics. Look at steadicam type rigs and that baby-bottle/snack thingy that keeps things from spilling out as it is a container that floats in another sphere. Look at other sports/action/car cams and see how they are mounted for ideas. Good luck.