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Help choosing AC Power Adapter Answered

I just purchased a Samsung DigiMax 301 Digital Camera from a friend and he did not have the AC Power Adapter for it. I've looked for a replacement on line but haven't been able to find one. There are all kinds of cheap priced AC Adapters though but I'm not sure which one will work for this camera. The original Adapter is (3.3V 2.0A). I found one at www.goldmine-elec-products.com, that's 3VDC 350ma, would this one work? I have no idea what the 350ma represents so I'm at a stand still on this. Also, would I have to match these specifications, (3.3V 2.0A), exactly? Or could this vary somewhat? Any help would be appreciated!!



10 years ago

I've been searching everywhere, even Samsung, can't find one that's 3.3Volts 2.0Amps. Closest I can come is 3.3Volts 2.5Amps. Would that do, or still not close enough?

it is close enough if its regulated. otherwise, keep looking

What do you mean by, "if it's regulated"? Having some sort of breaker protection?

. With an unregulated supply, the voltage tends to fluctuate depending on the load. A regulated supply will put out a steady voltage, independent of the load.

. According to this page, the camera runs on two AA batteries (NiMH recommended).
. That 350mA wall wart _may_ do the job if you just want to charge to batteries, but I don't know what it takes to charge NiMH AAs. I'm guessing you only need 2A if you want to run the camera+flash from the wall wart.
. As CSS pointed out, any 3.3V power source that is rated for 2A or more should work. Double-check whether the camera calls for AC or DC. I'd bet 0.05 $US it's DC, but I'm no expert and I'm too lazy to look it up.

I don't have the NiMH Batteries, I'm using the AA ones. The camera originally came with the AC Power Adapter that I was asking about and a 5 volt charger for the NiMH batteries. The manual recommends using the AC Power Adapter when connecting to a PC with the USB cord. I have an old computer in the basement but would the power supply that CameronSS mentioned be to strong for the camera?

. A computer PSU should do an excellent job. The only tiime you have too much PS amperage rating is if you draw little enough amps to be outside the PS's range of operation. In your case, the smallest PSU you can find will probably be the best - as long as the 3.3V section is rated at 2A or greater. . BTW, to get a computer PSU to power up, you have to short out two pins on the mobo connector. I forget which ones - just Google it.

There's a chance that it would work, but a very slim one. The 2A means that it is capable of putting out 3.3 volts at 2.0 amperes. 350mA means that it puts out the 3 volts at a maximum of 350 milliamperes, or .35 amperes. This means that your camera drew something less than 2 amps; however, since a higher-rated adapter is larger and costs more, it would have to draw (roughly) 1.3A-1.7A to warrant a 2A capacity adapter.

If you have a benchtop adjustable power supply, you could apply 3.3V and see what the amperage draw. However, if you don't know what 350mA means, you probably don't have a power supply. Find an adapter rated for at least 2A, just to be sure.

If you can find a cheap power supply unit (PSU) from an old computer, most have at least one 3.3V output. I'm holding one right now, and it's rated for 3.3V at 15A-seven and a half times the current you need. And that's from a cheap, generic PSU.