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Help choosing a genral purpose mosfets to buy in bulk? Answered

Hi, I am looing at buying  some mosfets in bulk. I need a mix of genral purpose N-channel annd P-channel mosfets. These have to be able to handle up to 40V and around 5 amp. These will be used for genral motor controlling and inductive loads. But mostley for prototyping.

I need a mosfet that is cheap, takes a bit of a bashing, robust, and easy to use.

Any suggestions on what I should get. I need both P channel and N channel mosfets for genral use.

Thanks for any help, David.


Thanks alot Have you ever bought from this site before?

Yes... You can trust them.

The Florida place takes week for surface shipping to reach me in Nevada.
When I want it now, it's Air Mail cost..

What state do you live in ?


I live in New Zealand in Christchurch

What gate voltages are you proposing ? I like the IRL 540 for general logic level inputs, but you sacrifice a bit of Rds (on)

Sorry I should have said that in the question. I am looking for using it at gate voltages from around 3.3v to about 8v. I know that that is a broad spectrum but hopefully there is something out there. I was going to use it with by arduino (atmel328) at 5v most of the time. I was also looking at sending some PWM signals for speed controll.

Like I said then , the IRL series are pretty well ideal for your range

Thanks I will check them out the next chance i get