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Help for a digital camera based scanner Answered

Hello, It's the first time I post in this site, but I guess someone might be able to help me. I would like to build a scanner that uses a digital camera to get the images. Basically a board with a vertical stand that would hold the camera pointing downwards, with lights on the sides to have the surface evenly illuminated. Unluckily my digital camera (a canon powershoot sd800) does not have remote controlling through computer, which would ease the process a lot, so I was interested in building also a mechanism, that would be attached either to the camera or to the part of the stand where the camera goes, that would press the shutter at regular intervals (lets's say 5seconds) so that i would have the time to turn the page and not waste any. Thank you very much for any suggestion, help, reference, link. All the best, Clemente


Thank you all for the suggestions. All the best, Clemente

I'm pretty sure that I saw at least two instructables directly related to your project :
- one about a "vertical stand" for digicam
- an other one about a "manual mechanism that remotely presses the shutter"

About making this mechanism automatically pressing at regular intervals, I recently saw an instructable using a solenoid to lock a door ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Remote-Control-Deadbolt/ ). There must be a mean (maybe using a relay) to couple it with a 555 IC based timer ...