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Help for some good project topics for engineering, 3rd year. Answered

I need some really good project ideas which are simple yet covers pretty amount of concepts. I am a student of third year electronics engineering. I need 95% hardware and 5% can be software. please its urgent. 


This really is YOUR problem - As a university graduate (almost) you should be able to do this using the advice of your tutors and looking at past projects.

I made an electric car for my final year project in 1995.

I did that, already, like asking my guides and all but m still confused with the topics or ideas.

And what did they say?

Have you looked up past projects your library should have some.

Have you an interest

Have you looked at current trends/research

Do you have access to someone who has a problem you can solve.

What are your colleagues doing

Give a free hand what would YOU like to do

Suggested areas to think about:

energy production/use - wind - photovoltaic - wave - traffic energy- reducing energy use
medical use
road safety
global warming
marine issues - Fish farming - fish catching - fish monitoring#
3rd world issues - clean water - food production - energy production- transport
Green issues

I can give you specific issues in all of these area BUT I won't

I earned my Degree by hard work and imagination and you need to do the same - Think a bit harder and focus on your strengths and interests.

Make sure you can complete the project and keep up to date DON'T leave things until the last moment. Make sure the project is economically viable.

Good luck, more than likely you WILL do well.

Define "Engineering" - Civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic.

Define "coveres a pretty amount of concepts" - control, RF, communications, circuit theory, programming Instrumentation ?


electronics.. and about concepts..it can cover any u mentioned..

its taken. any other? thank you but :)

Taken by whom ? You didn't say there is a list of proscribed projects.

there's no list as such..but unfortunately the topic u suggested was taken by another group of my college.. :/

Try a control project, like the ball-balancing beam, with digital control, or the inverted pendulum and then, if you're really good, the double inverted pendulum.


i meant i need a topic which has some scope which i can continue with in my final year..

There are a LOT of microcontroller-based projects here and here.

not really..but i need something which includes microcintrollers like PIC or members 8051 family..or maybe some with a bit more complexity or higher level, precisely. because my domain needs to stronger as i need them for engineering course. Thank you. :)