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Help getting used bullet shells.? Answered

I live in the UK and I want used bullet shells for jewellary and future projects.
I also need shotgun shells.
If any one knows of anywhere I can get them prease tell me.


All good answers. I must add that if you want the shell to look realistic, make sure you get used ones (fired). If you buy from a gun or ammo supplier, you may get new unprimed cases that have a hole in the bottom where the primer should be. If you get them from a range or a generous shooter they will still have the spent primer in them. A much better look. Surplus stores may also have "fired brass" that still has the primer in it. Beware of a primer that does not have a nice deep punch mark (from a firing pin) in it. It may still be live and dangerous, especially if you start hitting, cutting or heating the shell.

go to a gun range and ask for some of the shells. a lot of shooters reload their shells so there is a demand for the spent casings.

Check Yell for gun dealers& gunsmiths in your area, they might let you have cartridges at low cost, or for free, especially if you explain what you need them for.

Otherwise, look for army surplus stores - you will have to pay retail prices, but you might be able to recoup that cost by seling some of your projects.

Ask at a local clay pigeon shoot if they can help.

You MIGHT get .22 cases from your local ATC, or TA.