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Help, how to make a small one way air pump? Answered

I want to make a small (about the size of a bottle top) press pump to remove the air from zip-lock bags. i live in Melb, Aust.


A pump is just a sealed container of some kind which can be compressed and expanded, with an input and output that both have check valves. Compressing it blows its contents through the output; expanding it creates a suction at the input.

The hard part is going to be interfacing to the ziplock.

I agree with Seandogue that the better solution is probably to use the bag itself as a pump.Seal it ALMOST all the way, squeeze to remove air, then click the remaining bit closed.

If you're really looking to vacuum-pack things... I don't think a zip-lock will seal well enough to sustain much vacuum, and as I say I don't see how you can interface to it well enough to apply that vacuum and still be able to zip it closed, but if you can make it work please post an Instructable!

A pump works by using a one way valve. What you're talking about seems a bit impractical, due to the size restriction of "something the size of a bottle top", but more power to ya if you can make you scheme work.

Me, I'd just stick a straw in the bag, ziplock it to meet the straw, suck the excess air out, and slide the straw out while applying pressure to the seam to complete the "zip".