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Help identifying this tool? Answered

I have no idea what this tool is. I found it in my fathers shed. It's about 11 inch long and the smaller piece moves up and down the main shaft of the tool No one seems to know what it is.




Best Answer 4 years ago

It's a saw-set / saw-wrest. That's a tool to bend the teeth of a cross cut saw after sharpening. The additional piece with the screw is used to adjust the angle. My father has the same tool.

I do believe you are the winner! First hit on Google Images for "saw wrest": http://www.jimbodetools.com/Stunning-Boxwood-Handled-Saw-Wrest-With-Brass-Stop-p11897.html

Is the blade part a flat 'blade'? Are the edges sharp or blunted?

It's not flat, it bulges into the middle like a very stretched ellipse. Does that make sense? It's not sharp anywhere, but that might be due to it's age possibly?

Makes total sense. I had a guess, but I was wrong. Cool little tool that 'g-one' recognized. Love finding out about things like that!

Saw set
Glass workers tool for breaking glass (hence the different sized slots) the fence is to protect the fingers
A marking gauge although the brass marking fence is unusual.

Not something I have seen before.

Normally, I would call it a "wood gouge," a woodworking tool for making grooves. However, I haven't seen one with notches on the sides, nor have I seen one that has an adjustable stop like yours.

Oh! I'll bet the adjustable stop is used when turning wood on a lathe. You rest the gouge on the guide, and the stop prevents it from cutting too deeply.