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Help identifying/replacing component Answered

I'm trying to repair an iMac (Flat Panel) that has non-functioning USB ports. I've narrowed it down to this component, but can find no specs on it. I'm assuming it's an temperature/current protection component and appears to be in parallel with unused fuse pads. I'm wondering if I can get away with sticking a 2amp (it drives 3 ports) fuse in there and bypass the component. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks Nacho! I did find that thanks to Eric's link. As is tuns out, the MAX3346 has almost identical specs and is actually more appropriate (1.5A nominal) for the 3 ports Apple used on that computer as opposed to TI's 2 port chip. Yea... Initially I thought that little glob looked like a TI logo, but dismissed it...

Yep, that definitely looks like a Texas Instruments Logo in front of the 22T. Cheers, Pat. Pending

Thanks Eric! I really appreciate your help in this.

I think I've found the equivalent component from Maxim:

It appears to have the same pinout, but that chip is designed to run 2 USB ports as opposed to the 3 Apple drove with it. I've sent for a sample and am just crossing my fingers.