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Help loading a wide load onto a narrow trailer? Answered

I'm looking for some ideas on how to get a small 1940's AC Combine (farm machinery) onto a trailer without having to dismantle it.  It weighs about 3000# so not too heavy but the 2 wheels are about 104" apart (wide) so they won't fir onto a normal deckover style trailer (96" wide).  Once I can get it on the trailer, I plan to set it down on blocks and chain it down.  The problem - how to get it ONTO the trailer.

Seems I have 2 options - 1) rig up something to make the ramps and trailer wider (just for loading) OR 2) rig up something with wheels that will bolt to the axle BUT be narrow enough to fit onto the trailer ..... sort of like a dolly. 

Option 2 presents a bit of a problem in making sure the "dolly wheels" clear the combine's axle since they'll be underneath it.

Thanks for your advice/ideas.



Nice oldie.

Ex trucker here and you are right about the permits just make sure the load is no more than 13 feet 6 inches high and check your GVW on the trailer and hitch. (Gross Vehicle Weight) (Trailer and Combine Weight)

You can check it at a TA or any other truck stop.

You may need to remove the auger stack if it makes the load over 13'6" tall.

Use car ramps beside the trailer and run the combine up onto the trailer. Use the type of car ramps you can fit the whole car on.

Other wise you need a crane and that can be costly about $1,200.oo, on and off.


While weight isn't a problem it will be considered an over sized load. One which you won't be able to legally pull with your truck and trailer. At least here in the US. You may have to hire a big rig to haul it for you. Otherwise see about towing it behind your truck on it's own wheels.

No, I think you're mistaken. Oversize loads are permitted to travel on the highway as long as you have the appropriate permit and follow the rules (by state). Depending on how big a load (length/width/weight) you might be restricted to daytime travel, need flagging or in some cases, a pilot car. This load is just slightly wider that allowable by most states ( limit is 102" in some and 96" in others) so I just need to get permitted (pay money).

Here's what it looks like (this isn't mine just a photo).

AC 66 2.jpg