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Help making Hearing aid Answered

I need a bit of help for a project I am undertaking to make.My is to make such a device which detects the user whether a car or any other vehicle is approaching or not.
The project is dedicated for the people who are deaf and cannot cross roads safely.
What I think a solution could be is to make such a sensor which detects the horn of a car which further activates a vibrating motor in the pocket of the user.The vibratng motor is not at all an issue but the sensor being the problem.

If anyone can please help either by giving your own solution or helping me in what I propose to do.
Please help as this is not anything personal but a social cause.

Hope to get an answer.


Wouldn't really call this a hearing aid since its not a conventional hearing aid that amplifies sound for those who are hard of hearing. This is more of a load sound indicator.

A simple clap circuit could achieve your goal. But pretty much any load sound would set it off.

I have to question the need for such a device. I've known many deaf people and none of them have ever had problem crossing a street. Now if your talking about a blind person than i can see the problem. But why would a deaf person need to know if a driver is honking at them? If the person is not alert enough to be aware of his/her surroundings when crossing the street than they shouldn't be out walking around anyway. You don't need your ears to cross a street.

I got your point and want to convey that while walking on the road or crossing the road the vehicle in front of us is not an issue but the one on our backside.
And if everyone can see the vehicle coming why do they have horns!!!
its in the case when a person is not attentive and may get hit by a vehicle.
still thanx

Most hearing aids are simply amplifiers - there are lots of ccts out on the web for small amps the LM386 is popular.