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Help making hearing aid Answered

I need a bit of help for a project I am undertaking to make.My is to make such a device which detects the user whether a car or any other vehicle is approaching or not.
The project is dedicated for the people who are deaf and cannot cross roads safely.
What I think a solution could be is to make such a sensor which detects the horn of a car which further activates a vibrating motor in the pocket of the user.The vibratng motor is not at all an issue but the sensor being the problem.

If anyone can please help either by giving your own solution or helping me in what I propose to do.
Please help as this is not anything personal but a social cause.

Hope to get an answer.


Most cars do not usually sound their horns to warn pedestrians, unless there is about to be a crash.

You would be better trying vision-replacement devices, maybe some sort of active sonar,or low-power radar.

The crash is the thing from which they need to be safe.
i need help for making those devices
Still thanx for the reply.

I know what they need, and a crash alarm is not it - a sudden warning of a close car does not help if the victim does not know the speed or direction of the vehicle, they could just as easily jump towards danger.

The best thing would be a device to help blind people avoid straying into the road in the first place. I know, why not train them to detect the edges of kerbs with a lightweight white stick?