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In this Control circuit schematic They explained about sensor inputs (the sensor inputs are connected to the analog inputs on the Arduino board ( A0, A1, A2, A3 ). The input voltages on these pins are converted into a 10 bit integer value
such that the range between 0V and 5V and translated into a value between 0 and 1023 respectively. The ideal connector thus contains 3 inputs per sensor ( 5V, GND, A
) resulting in 12 connection points.) I need clear explanation about this and what type of sensors they using and how they connected ??

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no reply !!! u guys help me out i want to know abt the type of sensors input they used ....

From the video, I think they are just turning a potentiometer to vary the voltage that is going in. I don't know what you know about arduinos but analog inputs read a voltage coming in and "map" it in the program code to values from 0 to 1023 which you can then use. The sensors can be anything from photocells or piezo disks which you can pass a voltage through(+5 volts and ground) and provides some degree of varying resistance to give you an A analog voltage out for the program to use. The brighter the light or a louder sound would increase or decrease the voltage going through the sensor. A switch has no resistance so full 5 volts when closed or 0 when open. The purpose of a "shield" is to provide the physical interface to 4 sensors or things that provide a 0 to 5 volts out. There are many sensors out there for specific purposes, even mini circuit boards or breakout boards to provide analog out for complex sensors like a temperature probe. Hope it helps. Good luck.

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