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Help me choose a laptop! -MAJOR UPDATE- Answered

I just found out that I won a scholarship that writes me a check for $1,500. I already have college fees paid for through National Merit, so this is considered my laptop fund. I'm holding off for a few months to actually buy something (not much need right now, so I might as well wait for prices to drop a bit longer), but I want to get the Instructables Community's input on what to get. Here's what I want:

-Highly portable laptop to carry to classes. I have a desktop for a real workhorse; the laptop only needs to be capable of basics. Anything past the basics is a bonus.

-Screen no larger than 13", but no smaller than 8". 1366x768 or greater would be nice. Portability! I If I really need a big screen, I can plug in another monitor.

-A touchscreen would be lovely, but not a requirement.

-Built-in webcam would be nice.

-Possibly a convertible tablet, but I'm not sold on that wee little hinge. A fold-flat drawing surface would be excellent, though.

-I love a keyboard light, especially backlit.

-Windows or Linux. NOT A MAC. I appreciate Apple's aesthetics, but I don't like the big brick walls they build around everything. Windows isn't really a bonus, just something I'd be okay with.

-Not much more than $1000. Until I'm substantially wealthier than I am now, I don't see a reason to spend inordinate amounts of money on something that will be obsolete in a few years anyway.

-I rather like the
Eee PC T91, if it had a 10" screen, a HDD or a higher-capacity SSD, and assurance that the little swivel-hinge won't splinter the first time it's pulled open too far. I also rather like the Quanta NL2, despite it's Fisher-Price appearance, at least if Intel actually will sell one.

So, after doing my own research, I've decided that I want a 10" screen with HD. The future Asus Eee PC 1018P fits the bill perfectly except for this...Atom N475 processor, crazy thin, 10-hour battery, aluminum body, USB 3.0, and the ability to put a multitouch digitizer in. It doesn't, however, have the HD display of the Eee PC 1005PR. In short, I want a 1018P with the display from a 1005PR. Any suggestions, or rumors of future Asus releases?

Okay, so I ended up getting a 1016P. A week before Intel announced the dual-core Atom N550 and just under two weeks before HP announced a revised Mini 5103 with that N550. I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that no matter what computer I had chosen, it will be obsolete by the time about the time I have a job and can buy a new one.


15" MacbookPro, Intel I7, 4GB Ram, 2.66Ghz, 500GB

That's what I'm getting,  for free too :D

Apparently no one actually likes to read the topic..."Screen no larger than 13"...."Windows or Linux"..."Not more than $1000"....goodness, you people made me put in bold text.

and yeah, bump.

Which ones have you actually tried out?  The entire netbook class is not for me because the keyboard is too small and the half resolution or half vertical screen of a full size monitor drives me nuts with the scrolling.  Some of those touchpad/button combos are not comfy.  Head down to Best Buy and break test a few.  Some stuff looks good in the specs but are bad in practical use.

 I'm with you, netbooks are just too damn small. Gimme an iPad or a full size beast laptop over one of those.

Update bump!

So you want a 720p like display to further shrink what you display but at least the icons are sharp.  Nice for movies but you will have to magnify everything else to see text normally.

Yup, they make those models just to sell them to power users.

I have a netbook for my university work. It's good enough to run XP, Word, Gimp, browse the web and watch videos. It's cheap and small and light and has 7 hours battery life (it actually does!). I also have Ubuntu installed.

Samsung NC10. Gets the best netbook reviews and I can confirm it lives up to the good reviews it gets.

Paid £220 for mine. :)

Oh yeh.... specs....



8 years ago

Dell or Lenovo I'd say..