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YOU decide the mod for my new speakers! Answered

Hey I just got the speakers I am going to use for college next year and I was wondering what I should do to them...

This is where you come in (if anyone responds or even looks at this).

I am interested in modifying my new Logitech X-140 speakers, but I don't quite know what to do with them just yet. I have thought about either spray painting them crimson and cream, or hiding them in some books, like I did with my speaker book (portable), except I would keep the speakers intact so I could remove them if I felt like it.

If you have any ideas on what I should do with them, post the ideas here, and if I like your idea (or I think I am capable of completing your idea) I will try to complete it.Your idea doesn't have to be well thought out, just a general idea will inspire me.

This will also become an instructable (whichever path I choose). In the instructable, I will also include my source of inspiration.


.  Altering the coating on the grilles, especially near the active driver on top, will probably have a bad effect on sound quality. Maybe not enough to notice, but be aware that the grilles need to be acoustically transparent.

In order to avoid a bad effect on sound quality, I may use the paint stripper that I used to remove old paint on my bike on it, then powerwash it to remove all of (or most) the paint on the metal. I would then paint it with some spray paint. Maybe that would leave it at about the same thickness, effectively painting the metal without damaging sound quality.

Or I could just remove the metal and paint on the plastic behind it (surrounding the speakers) so that the sound quality would not change at all. I would mask off the speakers so I wouldn't damage them.

The monster speakers may be a little too much for my taste, I'm prefer more subtle mods, like a color change, or so subtle that you don't notice the speakers (book one). Also, I have a book instructable already, I did something along the lines of what the "book-speakers" did, except it was portable and it also held the iPod that powered the speakers.

I have also run into a problem, my speakers are snap-together plastic, so I fear that I may break something important while attempting to pry apart the plastic. So maybe focus on something to put the speakers into that would disguise them / make them unique somehow.

I just found out I have to first pop out the grille then unscrew the 6 screws to open up the speakers completely