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Help me design a colour sensor? Answered

The sensor that can distinguish the basic colors(Red, Green and Blue) at a distance of a 15cm.The target objects being 50cm x 50cm.
To output either 0V or 5V.




8 years ago

IINM, it will take 3 photo diodes with filters.  Some circuitry to interpret the input from the diodes.  Then some way to make the the results do what ever it is that you want done.

You'll have to take the time to test and adjust the whole thing after you get it to work.


Answer 8 years ago

That would be my solution...or if you want to go high tech you can use a single light sensor and 3 leds, red green and blue. cycle them one at a time and read the sensor to see which colours are reflected. This can be done very fast (tens of times per second) such that the reading only takes a brief moment. A last option is of course a webcam with some robot eye software (if a computer is available)