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Help me design a table like this? Answered

I have long dreamed of building a capstan table for my home like DB Fletcher's beautiful designs (google it if you aren't familiar). I have researched various jupe tables and similar expanding round tables with none that satisfied me - either they were designs I was afraid to try and recreate then build, or the product was not what I wanted for my home.

But I now have found a very satisfactory compromise; something I feel is possible for me to design and build myself, and which would look great in my home.

I just don't have enough time in the day to do all of my projects... so I am hoping to find some collaborators here who will contribute time to help me design a knock-off of this table. Here's a link to an swf demonstration of the table in action... http://ashleighengineeringservices.co.uk/sei/s/3786/fe2146247.swf

So... who wants to help me out?



6 years ago

i did it...1 year of work, a diferent sistem then db fletcher , but i got it...i just file for the patent 2 weeks a go...all ready i have companies that are interesed to producem....good luck to everybody else , i am happy that i am the first to patent the table in usa

What's your patented table called?

Lion73, what's the latest with your patent?

How goes it? Are they producing tables? If so where/how much? Can I purchase a make-it-yourself-at-home kit? Please let me know :)

In addition to finding someone to produce finished tables, you might also consider producing a kit for the mechanism. I'm sure there are a ton of hobbyist woodworkers who'd love to buy the mechanism to use to build their own tables. I know I would! :)

Glad to hear it! Hope your patent goes through well!

How's it going? It took David Fletcher 15 years to design ... I'd like to help, but only have SolidWorks drawing experience, and a bit of wood working. Some CNC skills, too.

Here this should help. Go to https://mechanicallumber.com/?page_id=9. U can buy plans for a 4 leaf one based on Jupes design. The 6 leaf one mite as well forget tryin to build it. Ive seen a complete tare down of Fletchers tables. Ther so complex it gave me a headache thinkin abt it


3 years ago

Hi here, is any progress to take a look?

Hi here, is any progress to take a look? Regards, Alex

This guy recreated the design of the table you're referring to: http://hackaday.com/2014/12/07/an-expanding-wooden-table/

Can you please add part3.prt to the download link?


4 years ago

I think you are very beautiful crafts made ​​out of

Karossii, are you perhaps capable of converting the SolidWorks files to Google Sketchup?

I've been working on designing one of these tables for a college project (just designing, not actually building.) and I achieved the expanding portion of the table using an iris mechanism and the rising and lowering action of the leafs is achieved using a series of cams to raise and lower the tracks the leafs are attached to. This is just my idea of how a table like this could work. (also this design only has 4 main sections.)

Hope this kinda gives you a starting point.

Table - Partial Open - Dimetric - Exploded.JPGCam System - Partial Open - Dimetric - Exploded.JPG

This is awesome. I have been trying to figure this thing out for a month. Do you have the deminsions of each piece? Would you be willing to email me the specs. I have a friend that owns a machine shop and we have been toying with this thing trying different systems and havent come up with one that works well. Thanks

I don't have the dimensions for each piece. Keep in mind that this is just a "theoretical model". I designed this to see if the idea would work. I am however going to be working on designing the table in a way that it can be built in a cost effective way. I can send you my report on the system to give you the general idea of how the iris system and the cam system would work in this table. Maybe you could come up with a practical way of building it from that.

The basic motion of the sections is using the iris mechanism and I just referenced the following patent for this. http://www.google.com/patents?id=OiOhAAAAEBAJ&zoom=4&pg=PA3#v=onepage&q&f=false

The motion of the leaves would be similar to that of the table sections, it would expand out at the same rate, but as the table rotates, the guide which the leaves are attached to would rise up due to the cams.

Granted right now this model works in a computer, but i think the pressure angles on the cam are too large and it needs some modifications.

I wouldn't mind collaborating to try and come up with a working design though.

I wouldn't mind collaborating on a project like this. do you still have the priliminary cad files?

Email me what you have at dthhb0498@gmail.com I will stay in touch with you and keep you posted on my progress. I will try to figure out dimensions and share everything I come up with with you.

I have a waterjet machine and a 3d router. If I had drawings I could help build it (South /africa) and it wont be as eqpensive as some ppl think

Hey this looks so good...Table is really nice

hav u ever seen the mechanical iris's on this sight i beleive it may help u figure this out.

This appears to be a stop motion video of the DB Fletcher table seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh_qn62zny0&eurl= I think they just took stills at every step so you don't see the person moving it. Unfortunately Fletcher has a patent on the mechanism inside and I have not been able to find any plans for it. (I want one too!) I don't believe there are any motors involved although there may be rams to take up some of the weight involved. My best guess is that the leafs are attached to a base piece that runs in a track which guides them up and down as the table turns. As to how they are assembled, I have no idea, but good luck in your search. If you figure it out please let me know I'd love to have one for less than the $70k asking price.

Next to the DB Fletcher video was a "related" link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ5eHtCvUjc&NR=1 to some guy showing the underlying hardware for a motorized version.

Given the tolerances and syncronization needed to make such a project work, $70k is probably not unreasonable. My guess would be probably $10-15k for all of the materials needed for the underlying mechanism, and at least a few grand for the mated finished wood pieces for the table top and faring. Factor in the profession (technical and woodcraft) labor, and you're probably getting up to $35k cost.

I thought that also, so being the case it's a very good stop-motion sequence. L

It appears so... either small motors or hydraulic actuators. I would be okay with either.

I couldn't help build it, but is it motor-driven? L