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Help me fix a clicking external hard drive that got dropped after 2 days? Bl##dy kids, Why? Answered

A Samsung 1.5tb boxed by Verbatim.


Click usually means the heads have been damaged. Not repairable without a cleanroom. As said: Return if you can (if you were foolish enough to buy an extended warranty, it _might_ cover abuse, but otherwise you're probably stuck), otherwise... well, having kids has costs as well as rewards, and an occasional accident is part of that.

Yep, Lemonie's right. A clicking drive is a Very Bad Thing. And it's usually unfixable. (1.5TB - Whew!)
Some people have been known to return a drive like this claiming it was faulty when they first plugged it in, and totally forget to mention that it had been dropped.

Clicking id the hardware's way of telling you it's sick. If by two days you mean that you only just bought it, you could try taking it back to the shop as defective goods? L