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Help me fix my lighter? Answered

Hello all, I recently found this real old lighter in my basement, so I tried to light it, got some sparks, but the fuel was empty. So I put some fluid in, but had to take out the springy thing with the flint to put it in. Now, there are no sparks, no matter how hard I try to make them. Any suggestions?


Ah sorry I wrote this so soon guys. I did some research on Youtube (who would have thought) and learned that the thing I thought was the flint is actually just a spacer, and that my flint fell out. I shall now find a flint and replace it, so thanks for any wordless motivation any of you gave me!

Umm if you find that it still doesn't work chances are the conditions cause the flint to expand in the tube, to check take a pin or a bit of wire and put it up the tube, if you can't push it up until you see it under the wheel then that's what it is, to fix take a dremel or other drill and a drill bit slightly smaller than the tube and spin it to speed, then very slowly lower the lighter on until clear, you'll get a pretty cool little firework show as well. My reflinting and rewicking a zippo might help a little, I haven't got round to the restoration of old lighters 'ible because at the moment all the ones I have are up and running due to the fact that I restored them...

Yeah thanks, I did that early with a blowgun dart and was able to move the wheel, so it's not in there anymore (I thought I heard something drop when I took it apart...) Yeah and it was actually your Instructable that prompted me to fix it! I used Kerosene though, due to a lack of Lighter Fluid, and it happens to work great.

Great stuff, I hate it when I see people that just let them sit places and never use them, worse are collectors that will pay double for a lighter never sparked...