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Help me fix my wheel? Answered

 Okay, so awhile ago I slid my bike on a wet bike trail... (Thats what I get for turning fast after it rained...) And ever since, the back wheel wobbles and rubs against my brake so that I can't ride it... The wheel didn't get moved when I crashed, the nuts are still tight on the axle, and the brake is aligned right. How do I fix this?? Oh also since it wobbles the chain slips too... I would prefer not to buy a new wheel.



Best Answer 8 years ago

What type of wheel do you have? bolt up or quick release? if its quick release then try taking the wheel out and making sure the axle is still intact, i had the same problem and the cause was a broke axle, if that does'nt work then check if your wheel is true, that could be the cause of the wobble, but not the chain slip, also can you move the wheel side to side a little bit?

 Bolted wheel. Yeah I can move it side to side, if I look down where the wheel rotates around the axle, thats where it moves at...

Your bearings may have worn or your axle may have snapped, check out this tutorial if you are confident in fixing your bike yourself https://www.instructables.com/id/Rebuild-a-bicycle-rear-hub/ and report back to me if you find any problems with the axle or bearings, if not then take it to be looked at, at your local bike shop.<br />

 Eeek! I don't feel that confident. Do bike shops offer just a diagnosis?

Yes, they usually do :)

 Alright. Thanks for your help!

soes it make a ticking noise?

Yes.  Hopefully you have a badly bent or broker skewer.  Cheap and easy to fix.