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Help me identify a part please? Answered

I want to build my wife a drafting table. I really like the style of vintage drafting tables which use this round flat disc as a tilting mechanism, either by having incremental holes drilled in it for pegs, or having a knob-tightened clamp putting pressure on it. Pics included are what I'm talking about

Problem is, I can't for the life of me figure out the name of that round metal part, or more importantly, where to buy one. Actually, I have found many names for it, but none of them are of any use to me, because when I google these names in search of a supplier, the results are anything BUT what I'm looking for.

Names I've tried:
tilt arm
circle iron
lid support
circular brace

These terms were either wrong or perhaps not specific enough to lead me to the actual part.


whats your budget? i saw several tables for $100-$250. If you have to, buy a cheap one and just scrap the metal pieces.

Not easy to find, Try drafting table hinges. I have seen similar slides on old windows so might be worth a look at a building salvage shop. Failing that it wouldn't cost that much to get it laser cut, Maybe $50 or less