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Help me reproduce this Corinthian Capital Glass Floor Lamp for my dad's wedding! Plz! Answered

The Corinthian Capital Glass Floor Lamp is an amazing lamp by Restoration Hardware. Just look at its picture and tell me its not!

I can reproduce the corinthian sculpture part. What I need your help with is the glass cylinder that makes up the body.

Its dimensions are 12" by 87", but I'm estimating the glass cylinder needs to be at least 45" (barebones minimum), but would prefer it to be much taller, like 60" to maintain the same powerful presence, and about 5-9" wide.

I need a source, size, and price for a clear glass cylinder 45-60"+ tall and about 5-8" wide

Showed my dad the design today and he fell in love with it, so I'm hoping to surprise him!



5 years ago

A few things; first, do not use glass tubing, unless you get some very expensive, thick walled safety glass, the likelihood of it getting broken seems inevitable. Kiteman has a link to a site that sells acrylic tubing. Its easy to find and inexpensive in comparison to the price of glass tubing. Acrylic or Lexan would be my material of choice.
Secondly, the pedestal has a very small diameter and looks top heavy. I would incorporate into the base a heavy weight, such as a 10 pound, cast iron barbell weight or add some type of outriggers to increase the base diameter. Or do both.
Last, a step by step 'ible would be cool.

Type "buy glass tubing" into Google and you'll find several suppliers. Don't bother with Amazon; their suppliers are limited to about 1/2" diameter.




You should probably call suppliers on the phone, and talk to someone technical. Be polite, be specific, and be flexible. You're looking for a one-off piece, not a large order. If you can provide specific dimensions (if you haven't committed, just pick something), they may have cut-off stock they can sell you for a discount.

If you get really lucky (it does happen!), some engineer you talk to might just say, "Oh, I've got a leftover piece of x-y-z dimension; how about if I send it to you?" Do not go into the conversation expecting that, but don't turn it down if x-y-z isn't precisely what you thought you wanted :-)

Good luck!