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Help me understand the wiring for my 12 volt system on my Chinese scooter? Answered

I was trying to put new lights on the scooter and the guy helping me hooked them up and they didn't work so he tried to wire it differently and in the process smoke came from the hand brake lever and now nothing works!!! Please help me understand the whole principle.



Is there not a wiring diagram in the manual? Could you scan it and post it here?

I got tools out and found a fried brake light switch. If I can get a replacement and the paint job it needs I will post pictures. It is a very unusual scooter, I have never seen another like it. Thanks for the responses...I got the courage to tackle it just conversing about it...Thanks again!

Don't let that dude touch your stuff again! You should be able to extract the wiring-loom and lay it out on the floor. If things have been fried you'll need to replace them, if the lights are wrong they'll need to be removed. Do post more information & pictures if you can. L

Amen to not letting the guy touch it again!

None of those, it's a three wheeler...I cannot find a thing on it anywhere. I've got a title that's about it. I know it was made in China 2004.

You might have to get a camera out, or a set of tools. Whatever's broken won't get fixed by not dismantling at least part of it...


From your description, it sounds like you shorted something out in the hand control and burned up whatever circuit is inside it (since smoke came from the hand break lever and now nothing works!!!) You may have also burned out a fuse or another component somewhere else.

If you're _lucky_ you just blew a fuse. That's the first thing to check. If so, odds are that when you replace it you'll promptly blow it again, unless you fix whatever wiring mistake you made. This is something which really wants to be diagnosed by someone who can get their paws on the scooter and see what you've done to it. If you want remote help, you need to both tell us where we can find the original wiring diagram, and tell us exactly what you did to it -- what wires you spliced the lights into. Frankly, at this point I'd recommend you first undo whatever you did, then take it to someone who Knows What He (or She) Is Doing to have the lights put in properly. Paying for the work may be cheaper than replacing damaged components, and it will probably be done more neatly and thus more reliably.

Finding someone to do it has proved to be nearly impossible. Thus the ill advised suggestion "I can take a look at it". Most people I've called want to sell you a new one...or they are not able to think outside the box...

I agree with orksecurity on getting some pro help. It sounds like the DIY might be just a tad beyond your present skills. You should ALWAYS verify working voltages and check your terminations at least twice before connecting power. Decent Volt/ohm meters are so cheap as to not warrant thought when buying one.

Do the Chinese only make one kind of scooter ? Is it electric or two-stroke IC powered ? What MAKE is it ?

It's called a Madami and I have not been able to find any info on it online or elsewhere. The owner's manual was to be given to me but the guy died in the meantime...I'm sol I guess