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Help me with Firefox ! Please? Answered

i can't get rid of this bar help me please!?



Best Answer 8 years ago

That is the Status bar.
From the View menu > Status Bar > untick it and it'll go away.


My solution: quit using firefox and vista.

can't wait to stop using vista i'm waiting for my windows 7 upgrade disc

If thats a toolbar instaled by some software you can go to

Tools > Add-ons

and uninstall that bar.

That's the Status Bar. To remove it:

View > Status Bar

That it is.  I've go mine tuned on but it doesn't have the button on the right nor the down arrow so I thought it was something different.

Glad there is more than one of us looking at these answers.

Something that you've installed has put that bar there. 

Sometimes when you install a game or something it tries to install a tool bar to your browser.  I have no idea what it is. 

In firefox click the "tools" button at the top then "addons".

See if there is anything there that is not supposed to be there.


8 years ago

That's way to small for my tired old eyes. Is that a Google bar or some other toolbar you downloaded or was part of another program you installed? Can you identify it for us?