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Help modify the maximum rotation for my steering wheel. Answered

Hi everyone, i have a steering wheel from trust , i dont know the details. so, i attached a photo to understand better what i`m talking about. i play racing games, and i need a maximum rotation, i installed the drivers for it, so when i am in aprox 45 degree rotation it show and he behave like i`m in the maximum rotation. The maximum rotation is aprox 135 degree, so its a difference between them. i opened him, because i finished an tehnical university with a electromechanical profile, and try to modify the potentiometer that handle the rotation. i tried to put a smaller one, a bigger one, even try the fine course like its called, but nothing, i attached a photo of it two, maybe i forgot something.
If anyone think or have an idea what to try , please help, because i have no other idea.


If it is not special potentiometer with 0 in the center position you will be out of luck with an easy fix.

You might remember the old Namco controllers, the ones you twist for the steering?

Tried a similar mod on them and gave up after a while.

I don't know how the potentiometer is connected to your wheel and what the fine and coarse ones mean in the pic.

What I do know is that standard controllers are calibrated to the value of the potentiometer.

E.g. if it is a 20k one and linear, the center position would be at 10k.

To limit the wheel movement by about half would mean you need a potentiometer with 10k in the center position that increases more than the original.

I marked a bigger potentiometer to the centre value and tried to get into place but it turned out to be very hard having the potentiometer and controller in the right position so the steering would be accurate both ways.

You might have more free space in your wheel, so I could think of using a gear system for it.

2-1 ratio, e.g. 20 teeth on the steering axle and 10 on the potentiometer should do the trick.

with the center point you may have right, i will try to find one to test, with the gear, is hard to make them, i need a very big wheel because the steering wheel inside have his own gear, so is dificult, i tought about it, but is hard. But i think that finding a center point pot is hard too, but i will try. I`ve tried the 20k and middle thing, it doesnt matter what pot i put in there, if its 1,5,10,50 and 100k , it does the same thing. thats why i wrote here.

How about a liner potentiometer like used for mixers and volume control?

You know these flat ones you also find on equalisers...

If you add a pin on the wheel axle that moves the potentiometer sideways, the lenght of this pin will determine the travel of the potentiometer.

Needs to be slotted of course to cater for the movement and correction in the angle.

thanks for the link, i saw that a long time ago and many others, the gamepad idea i use for my H-shifter. but i want to make what i want better, not change it !

I don't know if you want to get into replacing that with a rotary encoder or another range potentiometer and having a microcontroller in the middle interpreting and outputting a control voltage. You have to make sure that the wheel is putting out some kind of analog voltage or digital signal so you know what to make.