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Help my oaw weld puddle is building and creating porosity ? Answered

I’m a trainee oxy welder and I’m welding on inconel 400 and my weld has way too much porosity. I’m pre heating it to the correct temperature, and welding it how I was taught to by my supervisor and I have no clue to what is causing it to be so pores. I keep trying to ask them what is causing my problem but they clam to not know? Any possible solutions or theory’s 


There is no Inconel 400. There's MONEL 400, but the only Inconels I know of all start with a number > 600 !!

Too much flux or too much heat, both cause boiling and bubbles in the weld.
You want to heat the welding zone until the rod can melt on it, then fill the weld in one go.
If you use flux then try to use less of it.


6 months ago

Is the covering gas enough to displace the O2 ?

it should be I’m using a carberising flame with a feather thats about twice thesize of the inerr cone