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Help my snakes got out ?? Answered

dose any one no of any way of safly catching a baby corn snake. iv looked all over the house to find it but no luck im looking every night befor i go to bed just incase i get lucky. 

So how can i catch it?  



I've dealt with that before.  I'm assuming that you have thoroughly checked the house, so I won't go into that.  Create warm spots throughout the house.  The heat may draw the snake to it.  Any incandescent light and hood will do.  Just make sure the snake can't really touch the bulbs.  Put flour in every doorway.  The snake will have to crawl across it and you will know what rooms it has been in and left by following the trail.

bait works, some sort of trap, look in dark small places such as behind the oven or fridge but you might want to look near heat sources to like water heater stove fireplace hope this helps with your snakes

Some of the ways I have been taught to capture snakes may help, but I don't know if the snake may get hurt. I am in a Fire Brigade and I usually catch and remove snakes for the safety of building occupants. Unfortunately the wellbeing of the snake is secondary, but we do our best to be humane. There are many venemous snakes in Australia.
First to determine if the snake is still hanging around, a light sprinkling of talcum powder or something similar on the ground in areas where you think it might be travelling will reveal tracks. Watch out though as this makes the floor slippery.
If the snake is still coming and going it can be trapped using fine bird netting stuffed into holes or cevices which will tangle it up.
Another method is sticky paper used to catch mice, which the snake will also get stuck on.
I haven't harmed or heard of anyone harming a snake using these methods, but I can't gaurantee it. You need to be nearby to release it ASAP.
Hope this helps. Good luck and let us know if you get it.

yer thanks its bin gone like a week now  

Re-design's most likely right and it's gone, but don't give up totally. I had a bull snake go missing for three weeks once, and he eventually turned up in my bed with me on a particularly cold night. I have no idea where he was before he came back, though.

Every night?  How long has it been gone?  Also, what kind of snake?  If it's a boa or similar you might be able to lure it out by scenting something with mouse.  And since it doesn't need to eat for a while it can take several weeks before it  can get hungry enough to come out.

It will almost certainly\ go somewhere where it's warm, so check anything that generates heat.  Near your heater or heat vents if you're using them. (If you have heat vents and are running the heater the snake might well be in there.)  Other places to try are under/behind the refrigerator, under the oven, behind the TV and among any cables and power adapters.

He/she is probably gone.  Look high, you probably know they like to climb.  They are nocturnal so look at night.  Look in and under everything.

Good luck.  Three years in a row I've caught baby black rat snakes (cousins to the corn snake {aka red rat snake}) climbing in my garage.  At least they're docile.