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Help needed - I'd like to run some mains powered led lights from battery instead and control remotely? Answered

Hi all and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this plea....

Here's a bit of background to the project I'm trying to undertake. My wife and I recently got married and as we met many years ago working on a cruise ship, my family decided to commission a model builder to build a replica of the ship we met on. Wonderful! We've mounted it on a shelf on the wall half way up our stairs as it's the only place in the house it fits. My only problem is that is has a set of lovely white led lights built into it with a cable coming out with a plug on the end. There's no easy and elegant solution to get power to the shelf where the ship is and I can't access the lights to swap them for a battery powered set as they're sealed within the model. I figured that it may be possible to create a battery pack to connect to the lights instead of the plug. As they're leds, I assumed (and we all know what that leads to) that they may be low powered enough to run off batteries. 

The other thing i'd really like and i have no idea if this is even possible, is to to have them turned on and off remotely as reaching the shelf to switch them off will be quite tricky as it's very high up.

I don't have the first clue where to start. I am attaching (if I can work out how to do it) a picture of the plug that I have removed from the lights to hopefully give someone a clue as to the power requirements of the lights.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance.



Seems a bit excessive to have 30 V for a few LEDS. And only 0.1 A? How big is this boat? I'm wondering if that's what the model builder had on hand and put some other circuitry in to compensate and drop down the voltage. As for a 30 V battery pack maybe Lithium would be a way to go? You will almost definitely need to have a special battery made. Maybe contact the model builder?

What a great memory !

Yes, you need to beg/borrow something that make at least 30V. Where are you in the world to suggest supplies ?


Thanks for your quick reply.

I'm in Leyland, Lancashire, UK.

The plug itself was attached via a 2-pin plug with a screw on bit (similar to the decking lights I've just installed) so not sure if that makes any difference to what I may need.

I'm guessing as AA's produce 1.5V, I'm going to need something considerably bigger to pump out 30V, correct?



Bloody hell. I just emigrated from Rochdale, Lancashire, UK to the USA...Funny old world.

You'd need 15 AA's ! Which is silly. I suggest you nip to Maplin's in Preston and see what they recommend. There are some battery packs you could add together to get where you need to be.

The plug outputs 30VDC. So if you can put together a 30V battery pack you can cut the plug off the wire and attach the battery.

Thanks mpilchfamily for your response. Any idea how I would make a 30V battery pack?