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Help needed: Slenderman Costume Answered

I hope you are all familiar with the slenderman mythos. If you aren't, then please check here and here for details.

For a halloween party in two weeks time, I am planning on going as the slenderman for a multitude of reasons ( I am very, very tall). I am fine with the suit part, in fact I already had all the pieces before I had the idea. The only problem is the mask. You will have found out that the slenderman has a head but no hair, ears or face. I want to make it appear flesh coloured but i don't want to spend much money on this. I'd prefer a simple method like a balaclava and thin fabric or something but I don't think that would hide my eyes enough. Basically, I need ideas for a slenderman mask. Any help will be appreciated!



ok everyone slenderman isnt real so stop saying "omg i saw him with my own eyes" also slenderman isnt skin color his skin is white and does anyone know what those cool tentical like matereal with the wire inside of them are called? because this year im going as slender and i need some tenticales so if any of u guys have tenticle ideas email me nkayarian@gmail.com

He looks better when he's flesh coloured in my opinion, and there's lots of different versions of slenderman so there's room for error. No idea about the tenticles though, sorry.

Guys I did the costume last year, I don't need ideas any more!

Have you watched Marble Hornets? (out of curiousuty)

Oh of course, that's what introduced me to slendy in the first place :)

Its also the reason why I sleep with a knife in my hand :)

And in other news, a man has chopped his head off while sleeping when he thought he saw "Slenderman" in his dreams. After his head was reattached, he says "Sew far sew good!" (OH YA, epic bad pun)

well thats why i have chuck noris as a alarm system

i wanted a chuck norris, but its too expensive, i use john rambo

lol Do you play slender?
SO FReaking scary

oh btw, i have batman to keep my basement safe two

yeah, i play slender, the most notes i have ever gotten is 3 though, and mostly i get paraniod and quit.....

how was slendy introduced? what did he do in the movie?

Get a white morph suit and wear a tux over it.

They sell these things at party city that are called morph suits. they come in all different colors, so you could probably google white morph suit.

Great idea! i wish you luck

I LOVE JOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

If your going really cheap, use a white shirt XD

In pantyhose there is NOOPENFORPEEPEE? Maybe she was trying to warn us guys. *shrug*


No, that's kind of a thing with slenderman (or scary internet stories in general). It can also be a verb, as in, "I NOPED out of there when I saw Slenderman!"

For a mask, i used stockings (pantihose) and just pulled them over my face, i used thins ones but put on three so its not too hot.


6 years ago

It's pretty similar to a Spiderman mask/hood. Some of the really good ones I've seen use a vac formed styrene under support to smooth them out.

If you want to just make a simple mask have a look here-

Wear gloves that make you fingers long for added creepiness

Sew a balaclava out of flesh-toned Lycra fabric.

You should be able to get some from a company that makes dance costumes - they use it to make them look as if they are flashing a lot more than they really are.

I'll do a google search on that, good idea!

I so want to see pictures of this. I love Slendy. So much.

Slenderman is just the boss :) I will post pictures when it's done.

Make a mask from some opaque flesh colored tights or pantyhose. I'm not sure how well you can see through it though. Regular pantyhose are good for robbing banks but it might be kinda awkward trying to buy a few sets for experimentation. Good luck.

I will get my mum to buy some tights to avoid the awkwardness. Great idea!