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Help needed identifying an electronic component !? Answered

Hey so I found this thing full of coloured wires in a parking lot, And I was wondering what it could be..  It has a huge black connector,  that connect 10 coloured wires, and it end up with blue thingy cap, and thats what im looking for. I salvage one of them to see what was inside, but it didnt help very much, wire is covered with brass piece around it, then another brass piece around then a blue hard plastic shell..  and there a lot of grease inside..

Theres a hole at the end of the blue cap, but It doesn't seems to be a place to connect something, because to hole is tiny and the shell is hard (shrinked) so its no elastic ( see pictures!)

You know what it could be ? Thank you!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

That's a wiring harness for an Integrated security system, CCTV, intruder alarm, etc. My guess is that an installer/repair technician lost it or missed the trash can when tossing it away.

It's a wiring harness. The black thing is a connector. The blue things are crimp splices, pulled free of the other wires they were attached to.

This is probably residue after someone replaced -- or stole -- a car stereo.

ok so you say that the blue thing is a connector for other wires to connect to

I'm saying itt was a mechanism by which other wires were connected, past tense. If it is what I think it is, it isn't intended to be reusable.

I think the blue heat shrink are insulators over the end of unused wires.  I've seen something like this when I installed an adapter on my Ford PU radio.  The adapter was set up to hook to a seperate amp if needed.  There were several wires like this and I was supposed to clip off the insulators and strip the ends if needed.

Like you say: it's a black connector, with 10 coloured wires. The blue things are other connectors.
That is it.