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Help needed in fixing plexi glass or glass to table top...? Answered

I am wanting to have a large image on my coffee table, protected by plexi/glass, but I don't want to screw through the plexi/glass; any ideas on how i can secure it??


i am a glass pro do not use plexiglass as it it will scratch too easily.  Use glass and the small plastic discs will hold it in place sufficiently.

they make little silicon circles to put under glass for coffee tables. But other than that a big enough piece of plexiglass or glass should stay in one spot.

That 5 minute epoxy, it drys clear, and holds tight. Just dab it in the corners and it will hold. just don't touch while its drying otherwise it will slide, smear and look weird.

If you leave it unsecured (or even if you WERE to screw it down), your pictures would be ruined the first time you spilled something on the table. I'd seal it around the edges with silicone caulk, maybe.

The coffee table has a flat surface right? A thick/heavy piece of glass will stay put from friction and weight alone. For lighter glass or plexi, I'd suggest a few dabs of super glue in the corners or somewhere you can hide them.