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Help needed some idiot vandalised my car Answered

Well Guys, It seems Christmas is not all ways the season of good will. Sometime over the holiday some idiot poured white household gloss paint over my car. It dont look too good as the car is metalic red.

Anyone advise me on how to remove the white paint with minimal damage to the (two pack acrylic) car paint?


A friend has just cleaned off the sticky residue from a set of stickers on a van using paint brush cleaner on a soft cloth . Doesn't seem to harm the van paint.

It evaporates quickly though so he scraped a lot off with a flat bit of plastic (credit card)

My first bet would be acetone with a pretreatment of veggie oil to slow oxidation. It'll thin up the oil compounds, penetrate quick, but is a simple enough solvent that its effects upon the base paint should be predictable. Try it in a test patch to be certain it doesn't interact with your clear coat. Just remember whatever solvent you use, work quickly. If you leave thin streaks or pools of paint in quick drying solvent they will oxidize & cure quickly.

Here's what I would do:
*Rub painted, surrounding, and lower area with thin layer of oil to soften paints and create a barrier against accidental spreading.
*Thin paint mass with acetone.
*Remove bulk from spot physically and as effectively as possible to prevent spreading. Some combination of a rubber edged scraper, thin sheet of crisp waxed paper, and a natural, chunky sponge should do.
*Blot remainder up with 90% acetone, 10% vegetable on a rag or sponge.
*Wash area thoroughly with detergent.
*Use a clay bar to remove dried bits, wax immediately after finish.

It's safe to assume you have at no fault of your own pissed someone off in the normal course of your duties as a lawyer, probably to a monetary or reputation expense they're having a hard time moving past. Considering they'll likely vent further and likely be someone you'd recognize, I'd heartily suggest putting up a few hidden game cameras and a few tempting targets (lawn gnomes, plastic flamingos) in your lawn and around your car:


Here's a guide to solvents & removal methods in order of severity:


5 years ago

Is the white paint acrylic or oil based?

I think the white paint is oil based apparently the attack was aweek ago (while Iwas away) but it is still not hardened itseems to be oil based the car paint is acrylic

Great that it hasn't hardened! The cold weather may have slowed oxidation. Oil paint oxidizes rather than dries. I would get vegetable oil on it ASAP. Use whatever is cheap at the grocery store... canola, corn, safflower... whatever. Use LOTS. This oil is to dilute the oil in the paint, so it can't bond well to itself. (Get your car out of the sun and keep it cold... water is not your friend at this stage) Vegetable oil can buy you time, and is easily washed off with detergent later... or cleaned up with mineral spirits

Can you post a picture of the damage so people can see the scale of what you're dealing with?

Take it off Goof Off,or something similar.Your car's finish is protected by a clear coat so no harm there


I was able to use mineral spirits (to remove adhesive) with no ill affects on my car's finish.

When I got paint on my car, it seemed that the house paint doesn't stick to the paint on the car too well, so as Steve suggests, you may have some luck with a sharp plastic scraper, though I don't know how well that will work with a large amount of paint.

Ironic both replies so far, to a UK Ibler with vandalised paint are from two UK iblers who've had the same thing happen...

Fortunately mine wasn't vandalism, a large can of paint had spilt across the road, so it got thrown up all over the sides of the car.

Perhaps the OP may have more luck with some sort of solvent, which should at least soften up the paint. Perhaps undiluted screenwash would do something, assuming it is designed not to damage the paint on the car.

Not too sure how stable 2pack acrylics are to solvents. Limonene would be worth a try, but a thick layer, or lots of paint ?


I once had some success with something called D-limonene, but I used it soon after the paint was applied, and it wasn't cured. It might be worth seeing if an ice scraper can get under the edge,because the wax on the car should stop a good joint between paint and car.

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing your 'Ible "How to repaint a vandalised paint job" :-(