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Help please: dc motor Answered

Ok so im wanting to build a remote control pan/tilt head for a relatively large camera (canon XL2).
I've started off using a few 12 volt motors that came from a car window opener, but i've found these motors to be rather loud and bulky. Does anyone know where i might find some dc motors that are quiet and small but can still be able to pan/tilt 8 pounds of camera?



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I think you're after gear motors, look in "DC gear motors" categories in, well, just about anywhere. All Electronics, Electronic Goldmine, BG Micro, Digi-Key, Amazon.


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Goodwill. There is a ton of amazing electronics there for pennies on the dollar compared to other places. I have got about 10 motors out of toys, shredders, disk drives, drills etc there for a few dollars at the most. If you want to buy DC motors, they are the easiest thing in the world to order online, there are literally thousands of sizes, types and voltages available for DC motors from $5.00 to $5.00. For a rig like yours, you want strong good motors, so be prepared to spend $15-30 each, but for that price you can get awesome DC motors for a pan/tilt rig no problem. You also probably want servo motors, or stepper motors, not regular DC motors because you want to be able to control the exact position of the camera. You want to know that if you say "move 2 inches", the rig moves 2 inches, every time, predictably, not only when when the batteries are full. Regular DC motors do not offer a reliable, predictable way to do this, you can do it, but you have to do it based on time which can be variant. 2 seconds of motion on a full battery is not going to be the sam as 2 seconds of motion on a tired battery. Steppers and servos will let you move an exact distance every time, and those are the motors used for motion caputure/motion control/panorama camera rigs.