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Help please with problems replying to a comment in an instructable. Answered

I tried to answer a question someone asked in the comments section of an instructable but when clicking on post I got an error pop up thatsaid "Please type the two words as seen on image" butI do not see a "captcha" box or two words any where nearby.

Ifound a capcha way up top near the place I would use to comment on the instructable,  But there is nothing here where I am trying to 'reply' to another's comment.  I tried typing the words in that capcha above but got the same error.

I am on a OsX 10.8 and using Safari 6.0.2
Thanks for any help you can give.


See Jayefuu's comment, but are you using any script (ad) blockers?

Also, some buttons disappear if you re-size the screen-view. Try re-setting the size, and they may appear.

When you post your bug report, it would also be helpful if you could attach a screen-shot of what you do see.

Yeah, better inform the staff about this. I've never been asked to use a captcha on this site when commenting though (when logged in).

But to be sure,
Are you logged in as a user in the right top? (yeah it's a stupid question I know)
Did you try another browser like firefox or chrome to see if it's an Safari issue?
And finally did you try another machine (preferably not on OsX)?

Also make sure you haven't put your browser in 'porn' mode (A bad pun we use a lot for the highest protection mode you can set in your browser)
Make sure Javascript is also enabled, disabling javascript could cause some modules not to work properly (or work at all).

If all these failed you found yourself a bug, report it so we can all benefit :)

I imagine Safari isn't the highest on the priority list when it comes to browser compatibility so it could be a leftover bug from wayback that was never discovered.

It's designed primarily for firefox/chrome (internet standard subscribers) -- then ie and the rest.


You'd probably get a more useful response from a staff member by posting in the bugs section or sending an email to service@instructables.com. They don't tend to browse Answers.