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Help selling unique instruments? Answered

Ok, I have a question. If my friend and I began to build unique cigar box, tin, and slide guitars, would people buy them? We would make them with much more craftsmenship than the ones I have previously build. We would take our time and do our best to make them playable guitars. Would anyone out there contemplate buying one for mabe $35-$50?

They would be similar to the links below.






Also, we would probably sell through craigslist or ebay, maybe even using youtube or instructables to get the word out. If you are interested, contact me because we will be making these plus other products. We may make guitar hero ukuleles, guitar pedals, and nixie tube clocks.


Have you already checked eBay? You will need to set your sights at roughly the same as others already on the site, although a link to a video of some excellent playingplaying might boost the price.

Excellent playingplaying? Just pointing that out. But no, I have not yet. Thanks for the idea.

Have you looked into etsy.com? That seems to fit the demo well. I'm not sure on how it exactly works, e.g. what is their take, posting limits, etc but I know it's at least free to get an account.