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Help setting up speakers to a Blaupunkt SHC-3200s Record player? Answered

I have an old Blaupunkt SHC-3200s record player, that has a tape player and Radio. When I play a record, the music plays faintly through the unit. The speaker connection is two 2-pin DIN plugs, I have two of these plugs with cut off wires but am not sure how to connect these to a set of speakers?

Any help at all is much appreciated



When you say "...the music plays faintly through the unit..." ...is that only when you play a record ? My guess now matches mpilch. The amp inside is broken.

One wire goes to one contact on the speaker and the other wire goes too the other contact. Nothing to it really.

Probably a silly question but above the output from the record player there it says 4-ohm. Do my speakers have to have the same rating?


Yes and no. Commonly speakers are either 4 or 8 ohm. Either will work with a 4 ohm output.

Okay because I have connected various different 8 ohm speakers with no result.