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Help someone or even just make them a bit happier Answered

I was talking on the phone to my sister an hour or so ago and she told me about http://wishuponahero.com/ So I went and looked at it and it looks like a really good website. People post their wishes which can be needs or wants and then and then other people grant them. Some of the wishes aren't very big even, but can mean a lot to someone.
Just thought I would share this with all of you. :)


Do you have to be sick or poor to make a wish, or can everyone do it?

*Gets thoughts about a high speed camera...*


I'm sorry sunny, that site actually made me physically angry, I don't kow why, but it did, nevermind.. there's nothing wrong with it, it just did.

Not your fault it's a lovely idea... Just read some of the wishes and was pissed off...

Is there a way to distinguish between people with actual wishes, and other people that fake an issue just to receive money?

Sometimes the admins will verify that the wishes are... Ugh I can't think of the word... Well that they are actual wishes and not just people faking an issue.

Is legitimate the word you are looking for?