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Help to make an automatic school attendance maker and database manager using arduino? Answered

Hey Frnds! It struck in my mind to make an attendance board that will display the 'Total no. of students'; 'Total present Students'; and 'Total Absent Students' on a Info Board inside the class and there will be a sort of scanner that will scan the Id-Cards of students and compare the data with the pre-stored data and change it real-time on the info board. It will also enter the data aquired into and excel or access worksheet just as an attendance register. This will ease up the tasks very drastically.
 The info board part is easy to make but im having problems to figure out how to make the scanner and how to register the data to a worksheet or database automatically. Actually im a beginner to arduino but there is going to be an IT and science exhibition in our school and i want to make this thing. Even if it cant be in a practical way isn't there a way to make a working "MODEL" of it.
I have provided the design. Plz Reply and thnxx in advance


1. I worked in a school that did this. there was always a big queue trying to get in.

2. This may not sit well with your school policy

3. You need to ensure that the kids swipe in AND out or the information is useless.

Unless there is a GOOD reason to do this your really looking at the wrong project. It is a lot of work, need the cooperation of 100.s or 1000.s of people or it won't work.

Not to mention if the current ID cards have no mag strip, smart chip, or RFID chip that is will be a considerable investment for the school to issue new cards with one of those 3 technologies. If the cards do have one of those technologies inbeded in them then they are likely used for other things like paying for lunches or checking out library books. In which case there is already a system in place to scan them and has a means of retreiving numbers of people canned in and out so be display in any way you see fit.


3 years ago

How big are these ID cards, what are they made of, are they with a mag strip ?

is there any invisible ink ?