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Help us decide upcoming contests! Answered


For contest suggestion, check out this thread:


We can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!


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Contest related to stones (riverstones,marble ,granite) has to be in the list.

.......or maybe an "I made it contest" for best improvements on any existing 'ible

I think they already existed as Remix contest.
I've seen those couple of times in the past


6 months ago

What do you mean by "opposites Contest" Could you give an example of the kind of make that would fit with this contest?

This could be interpreted many ways - at HQ we were thinking of it as to make things that were normally small into bigger objects and miniaturize things that you would normally only find available in giant sizes.

ex: How to make a Giant fiberglass Ant!
DIY 2-foot Basketball Hoop

Perhaps renaming that to Little/Giant contest would be best... Hmmmm.....

This is the description the person who suggested it (PointyOintment) gave: "Do something by a process that involves its 'opposite'. For example, create ice using fire, or create fire using water."

How about a "find it" or "hide it" competition, get a metal detector as a prize. Instructables on how to find buried treasure, wires or pipes in walls, find a geo cache, a car park, best place to fish, etc. Or how to hide your cash or wallet, Easter eggs, income, or yourself.......

Hide and Seek Contest! That could be fun, especially if interpreted broadly :) I'm adding that to our list of potential future contests :D

I am curious how many people would compete for a metal detector. When I was a kid used to go to the beach with my cousin who had a detector and usually we just would find things like can tabs and lost pennies. It was very fun but also very boring if that makes sense. Ha.


6 months ago

Go for it !

How about something like a "Helper contest" the guys and girls who assist with answers and questions in the community gets votes for their contributions and ultimately they get rewrded for their selfless efforts :)

Hmmmm. I just wrote this down on a big sticky note because it's a great idea! Just need to solve for how we would track quantities and measure quality.... (insert emoji of thinking human here)

Great idea!

Thanks, Britt! Trying to save ourselves hours of arguing about what we think is the best idea by letting everyone else tell us what to do :P Excited to see more of you now that I'm a bit more community facing again :D

I'm done participating! Thank you!