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Help us help others. Answered

In the new format, it is pretty tough to find actual questions. We get actual questions and topics mixed together with things like:

"Kindly Could you please mail me the schematic?Thank you for sending" This is addressed solely to the author of a specific -ible. It's a lot of fun to help those people who dont know where to start on their project. But it is almost impossible to find those in the sea of responses to specific -ibles.

Please consider fixing this so we can help folks who dont know "how to"




3 months ago

Now it looks like "non-specific questions" should be asked in a new topic. So the "topics" and "questions" tabs there were on the old forum are merged in one unique tab "topics". But I think it is better this way because the difference between the old "topics" and "question" tabs was not obvious.

However, you're right in a sense that the new "question" tab is now mainly addressed to specific authors, on specific Instructables.

i agree that topics and questions tabs were a bit redundant.
Perhaps if when posting a question on an ible, one had the option to make it appear only on the ible, or in the general forum. Or failing that have a way for staff or even user to tag a question as "general interest" or to the author alone.

Yes, that would be better!