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Help with AVRdude Answered

Hi guys, im trying to use a JTAG USB ICE debugger programmer on an ATMEGA32 microcontroller with avrdude, but when im trying to initialize  the microcontroller i keep getting error,

in cmd;

>avrdude -c jtag2 -p m32

the error:

>avrdude:ser_open<>: can't open device "\\.\com1":the system cannot find the file specified.

then i checked the port for the programmer, its at com9, so then i write

>avrdude - jtag2 -P com9 -p m32

i will get error:
avrdude: jtagmkII_recv_frame<>:timout
avrdude:jtagmkII_getsync<>:sign-on command: status -1

anyone can help me with this? been stuck like forever now, thank you very much for helping, cheers!!