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Help with Alternating multiple LEDs adjustable Flash rate 9-12vdc supply Circuit Design.? Answered

I have seen many LED Flashers, but they seem to rely on capacitor discharge to light the LEDs. I want to drive around 40 to 60 LEDs and alternate between these LEDs and be able to adjust the Flash rate. One side on for 1 to 2 seconds then the other side on 1 to 2 seconds and alternate between each set of LEDs. The supply voltage will provide the LED Power. I just need to alternate each side on and off at an equal rate. Can anyone help with this design or know of site with this type of circuit?


Too bad that site is dead. I was totally going to learn something from it.

search for bowdens hobby circuits. they moved to something like bowdenshobbycircuits.org or net or something. just google it.

If You can google it, why can't You post the new link? What if I stumble upon an evil plot and get killed by some bad guys because I was forced to use google and my own judgment? Could you really stand knowing that? JK XD

PS: It's http://www.bowdenshobbycircuits.info/

See, now you found it, and would have found it if you had searched the name. pages move around all the time (thats the point I was making)...

You're no fun at all. I guess I'll just have to put on my serious pants.
Why thank you, young sir. I shall search without fear as you have bolstered my spirits.