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Help with Aluminum powder, please? Answered

I went to home hardware today and asked the clerk in the paint department if they sold aluminum powder, and they said no, it has been banned in Canada. I am assuming its because of the use of aluminum for flash powder =P

I was wondering if anybody knows some sort of store to get aluminum powder in Canada, becasue i dont want to have to order it over the internet. (i have had some mishaps with internet ordered things before)

Any help/suggestions are appreciated, Thanks ! =)



8 years ago

Run a couple dozen sheets of aluminum foil through a paper shredder to make a metallic confetti. Then take a Rock Tumbler, add about 25 steel balls and pack as much of the aluminum confetti as you can in there. Run the tumbler for an hour, then fill the barrel with more confetti. Repeat until you have filled the tumbler a bit more than halfway with coarsely ground aluminum. Run the Rock Tumbler for 2 weeks. You'll have a nice batch of fine aluminum powder when you're done.

for all god's sake don't run it with steel it can ignite use led balls instead i know it's unprobable but for safety

I had the exact same problem as you... i live in canada and i couldnt find it anywhere. IF you go to your local hobby shop, they should sell cold casting materials, i got 2, 16oz tubs(453grams) of aluminum powder 200 mesh for
10$ each. the aluminum powder is used to make cold casts and sculptures.

It's banned because it is used in thermite. Lawmakers noticed the Anarchist's cookbook too. Soda cans and foil aren't really suited for making powder. The best way is to get a bench grinder and an alluminum ski-pole or something like that. Just keep feeding the grinder and it will happily make you lots of aluminum filings. Wear a dust mask and eye protection. Use a dust collector and preferably an air filtration system. One final thing, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT order it online and expect it to make it to your door. If canada customs checks your package, they'll take it out and send you the empty box... which might not be a big loss... but after that they watch all packages with your address VERY carefully. I imported something much more benign once, and now every single package I get from outside the country gets opened at the border.

so, what if the only thing i order is AL powder? i can get almost any other chemicals here in Canada so i've no need for importing oxidizers or anything. so if i hadn't ordered other things that would make explosives when mixed with the AL do you think they would still go through my stuff?

Absolutely. The thing I imported was a case of canned english-style baked beans. They were contraband for only one reason: not a high enough ratio of beans vs. liquid. Haven't been able to get a package since then without it being opened and sifted through.

I hope you find a way to fight back against that man, you dont deserve that!

XD wow the govt. is pretty senseless to want to search things because theres not enough beans in there =P

I have been able to acquire atomized aluminum power from a marine shop. It is used as an additive in paint to provide some UV protection. West Marine sells it in 2 sizes.

As an added note, I have used this in a thermite reaction, with considerable success.

As this is atomized aluminum power, it is extremely fine, and prone to blowing around. Please use it with caution to avoid inhaling it.

I have read that you can cut up aluminum foil into small pieces, chop it up further in a blender, then run it through a ball mill (with a little graphite to prevent caking. ~Bob~

hey etch a sketch's are full of it, just break a few open and there you have it lol and it doesn't take but a couple of seconds

You can file your own powder - a bit labour intensive, but gets the job done. It's also the ingredient in paint to make 'metallic' shimmer. Try a specialty paint shop (automotive paint). It's likely expensive. It has been banned for health and safety reasons - its a primary ingredient in a lot of explosives, and its very very unhealthy in your body, especially as a powder. Lastly, it's not that expensive to order online, and if you buy from somewhere reputable like unitednuclear you're less likely to be 'screwed' per-se.

ive tried filing my own powder and it is VERY labour intensive =P i spent a whole long time grinding aluminum foil, and popcans, i only ended up with a tiny pile of powder *sigh* and then my sister knocked it over =P

Just about how expensive is the automotive shimmer aluminum?
i will definitely have to order some from unitednuclear. Thanks!

get them to mark 'paint additive' on the customs form :D

Have you considered cutting a soda can into small pieces, then dropping them into an old blender?