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Help with Apple aluminum keyboard mod. Answered

ok so i need help with this new idea i had. i wanna mod the new imac keyboard. all aluminum n white keys so they are backlit almost like a MBP since they dont make/sell them anywhere or for that instance make them anywhere online i've checked other mod sites and no one knows how to go at this. anyway i was thinking it'd be cool to use the style they got on the caps lock and put lights where the letters would go. anyone up for this? if so please email me/pm me. thanks.


what i would do is get some clear epoxy and spread it under the keys, then mount a couple surface mount LEDs (say 25) inside the epoxy, then cover with some more epoxy, have it powered bu your USB port

cant be done with string of smt leds or el wire ? maybe you can mod a pc keyboard. there are some quite mac'ish dell keyboards

HERE is a good example of how hard it is to mod the said keyboard.

Quite simple, it can not be done - your best bet, would me a little LED bar across the top of the keyboard, that is powered off one of the usb plugs.