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Help with Arduino-Midi CC out? Answered

I've never done a project with Arduino and midi-out yet, but I have an idea:

I have to volume and tone pots (potentiometers) that I don't use, and are disconnected. I also use the amp simulation software Guitar Rig 4, which allows midi mapping to various parameters.

What I'd like to do is this:

Wire up the two knobs to the Arduino, and have them send out 2 different midi cc messages just like a control knob on a midi controller, so I can map them to different things with midi learn.

The midi out can either be an actual midi out, or if possible output the messages through the usb cable.

I'd like to make an instructable of this too, and all credit would be given to any help I've received.



Websearch will find code for the Arduino that produces sends serial signals at MIDI data rate, a description of how to wire up for MIDI output, and pointers to what you need to send in order to express each MIDI command. (I was looking for that myself, not too long ago; I have a MIDI instrument design which I will someday get back to. It wasn't hard to find.)

Thank you! This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm looking for!

And good luck with your instrument :)

There's about 6 ways to skin a cat here;

you can have the arduino spit out midi (through an sheild) and talk that to the computer,

you can transmit the data to the computer as serial and use a midi bridge software to convert the serial to a virtual midi port in the computer (I can't think of one but I know it exists -- may need to program your own in processing)

Hm. I like the second idea, being the least work, probably. Except for the programming. But I also want to keep it compact and not have a few different pieces of software running at once.

Best case scenario, I'd like the whole thing packed inside my SG(which may involve maybe a barebones arduino, or just an ATMega to keep it compact.) and just have a single midi out port on the back of it so I can plug it into my midi-to-usb connector. Though I might have room for a full Arduino in there!

Im on the same quest, im trying to make a 1-Octave keyboard with knobs and buttons to tweak the sound by sending all the data via USB - MIDI through the arduino usb.