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Help with CNC Control Board (HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board) Answered

I purchased a HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board from hobbycnc.com and I have some questions on how to use it. The instructions say that I need to use a power supply that can provide 50% of the TOTAL current draw of the steppers. It also says that a 2.5A stepper will draw 5 amps. So if I have 3 steppers that say 1.3A on them does that mean I need a power supply that can provide at least 7.8 amps or? And finally, it says I have to adjust the current coming from the board to each stepper. It gives the equation: desired amps times (X) .14= Vref. So since I have steppers that say 1.3A on them do I use that for desired amps or am I supposed to use double that??????

Anyone who has used the HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board, PLEASE help I am very confused.


Can you add a link to the product and its datasheet to your question please?

Here is the website where the board can be purchased: