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Help with LED strips Answered

I need around 300 ft of white led strips lights. I found 16.4ft strips on amazon. If I connected all (19) of them, would a normal ac outlet suffice? You may be thinking, what am i doing with 300 ft of leds, it is for decoration for my dad's business. 

AC to DC converter 


If it doesnt work, how would i run all of them from an AC outlet

The outlets are US standard (if that makes a difference)


Douwe 66

5 years ago

It is possible to use the 120V AC or 230V AC (depending on where you live).
For 120V you could use 15 strips in series, if this are 12V strips. Per strip you would have about 11.3V, but you would need a bridge-rectifier and also a big capacitor to make DC from the AC first.
If you don't rectify the voltage first, the leds would be flickering with 50Hz and also be off more than half of the time...
Another problem with the series circuit is that if one strips fails, all others will also stop lighting. It is hard to find which strip is broken then...

I would advise to buy some switch mode power supplies for the strips. If you use a 30A supply like this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/261222000928) you can connect about 5 pieces of 5 meter led strip to it.


5 years ago

First you need to do the math. Home much voltage and amperage does each strip need? Then you can start working out the best way to power them. Now if you wire the strips in series then 2x 12V strips will need 24V. If you wire them in Parallel then they 2 strips will draw twice the current. So it's a matter of working out a combination of series and parallel wiring so it will work from a single power source. But in this case i think you will need multiple power sources to handle all of this. None of which should exceed the limits of a 15A 120VAC outlet.